how to use iso image to install windows

The Microsoft Windows 10 ISO can also be downloaded using the Windows 10 Media Creation tool. Once you create either the DVD or the USB flash drive, you can boot to your Windows 10 media to install Windows 10. ... More

how to swim like michael phelps

After Michael Phelps' another stunning performance in the Beijing Olympics, it is only appropriate we find out what is hiding behind the scenes of his phenomenal swims. ... More

how to use cuisinart ice cream maker

How to Use a Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker LEAFtv. Mix and ideally chill your ingredients for ice cream -- typically, milk, cream and sugars, along with fruits and flavorings, before setting up the ice cream maker. ... More

how to stop taking antidepressants

13/07/2010 To stop taking antidepressants, contact your prescribing physician to wean off the drugs correctly. Titrate off antidepressants with help from a practicing psychotherapist in this free video on ... More

how to use a drill bit

Most of the drill bits you use for wood will also bore into metal (see photos above). But a spinning glass drill bit tends to wander across metal’s hard, smooth surface before it begins to dig in. ... More

how to wear a knee cap

Runner’s knee is a broad term used to describe the pain you feel if you have one of several knee problems. You might hear a doctor call it patellofemoral pain syndrome. You might hear a doctor ... More

how to tell when top harvest without a magnifying glass

You should really try to take a look at the trichomes with a magnifying glass, or take a close picture of the bud and then zoom it in with your phone/computer to check them. It is truly the best way to know if your plant is ready. ... More

how to use a vital sine refractometer

14/08/2014 · This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. ... More

how to start male modeling at 16

HOW TO BECOME A MALE MODEL. There are many opportunities for male models within the modelling industry. The secret is knowing what type of male modelling you are suitable for and then targeting the right model agencies that suit your requirements. ... More

how to fix a recliner footrest that wont stay up

... More

how to visit the bourbon trail

Another Official Trailhead of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, Shepherdsville is a perfect and convenient place to go shopping, dine or lay your head after so much Bourbon education. Dont miss the Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest across from Jim Beam. Bullitt County also is home to the famous Zappos shoe outlet, if you need new treads for your trip. ... More

how to use jqgrid in asp net

Inline searching means, search in the grid data by using different fields and different operations. User could add Multiple inline search boxes by clicking on the plus symbol and also define which field to be searched and operations to be performed. ... More

how to turn on location in iphone

... More

how to set up for barbell hip thrusts

The hip thrust is generally limited by glute strength, meaning that the set reaches failure when the glutes can no longer raise the hips. Squats move the hips into deeper hip flexion. Squats move the hips into deeper hip flexion. ... More

how to use activated charcoal for detox

4 Foods for Liver Detox That Work Better Than Activated Charcoal . Fill your diet with foods that naturally aid the liver in the detoxification process. Eggs provide the most easily assimilated bio-available protein source. A two whole egg omelette or scramble a couple of times per week will give you a sufficient amount of protein. Protein is what the liver is built from and it is what will ... More

how to use creader 4001

LAUNCH CREADER 4001 CR4001 OBDII/EOBD CODE READER. Launch CReader 4001 is an entry-level personal car maintenance tool. It features a full color display, meets all OBDII/EOBD protocols, and provides commonly-used diagnostic functions. ... More

how to use serious mass gainer

I honestly think a mass gainer should be taken whenever you're thinking of having a snack. Instead of having some ice cream or potato chips or lettuce or whatever, have this. You're either replacing a low cal snack, like lettuce, with a high cal snack, like this, or you're replacing a … ... More

how to take screenshot in dell laptop video

Take a screenshot and save it to your laptop Windows + PrtScn : Your entire laptop screen will be captured once you press Windows and PrtScn on your keyboard. You can open the Pictures library to … ... More

how to use nasal spray nhs

So to have a nasal spray which will ease both nasal and ocular symptoms and can be delivered in such an effective manner is most welcome." Avamys is a prescription only medicine licensed for the ... More

how to wear pixi stars clothes

Pixie hairstyles are getting very common among celebrities from the last few years. Cutting your hairs very short is quite a bold fashion and most of the celebrities have tried it. ... More

how to start a jewelry line

12/12/2014 "New, contemporary jewelry is fun, but at the end of the day it doesnt necessarily hold its value. If youre buying the right thing from (high end) designers, its like art." ... More

how to tell beats executive are genuine

Sara Roberts is the author of Nimble, Focused, Feisty: Organizational Cultures that Win in the New Era and How to Create Them and a frequent keynote speaker and workshop presenter on innovation, organizational culture, and purpose-led companies. ... More

how to stop a pending transaction halifax

If the transaction value is below a retailers floor limit, then the retailer may not necessarily go to the bank for authorisation - in whcih case the transaction won't show on the 'pending debit card transactions' part as the bank won't know about it until the request for payment itself comes through. ... More

how to write mean symbol in word

If the letter is upper-case, the symbol goes through it, but lower case p or x has the symbol above. The cursor has to be to the right of the letter to be correctly positioned. Great feature in MS Word. ... More

how to teach basic algebra

The basic idea is that we have an equation that is balanced on both sides. Picture a scale in your head with the same values on each side, and you have a basic understanding of algebra. Picture a scale in your head with the same values on each side, and you have a basic understanding of algebra. ... More

how to win buffalo slot machine

MASSIVE WIN ON BUFFALO GOLD SLOT MACHINE * THIS VIDEO WILL GIVE YOU ANXIETY..IM SORRY :) This win is 775X my bet! 54 spins and 13 heads. ... More

how to force stop windows update

Stop antivirus and VPN/Proxy software Clearing the folder where all of the update files are stored will force Windows Update to download afresh. Clearing the folder where all of the update files are stored will force Windows Update to download afresh. Go toC: \Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Downloadand delete everything within the folder, but do not delete the folder itself. To do so, press ... More

how to tell the sex of a chicken egg

I did a search out of curiosity and on the backyard chicken forum there is a thread on this. the first link is about a patent to use computers to tell gender by egg shape but the link seems to no longer work ... More

how to get fallour 4 companion to wear power armour

It's very easy through the console, no more needs to steal the fusion core. Force NPC to enter power armor: Open console, first pick power armor frame's RefID, remember it, then pick NPC's RefID, type CallFunction "Actor.SwitchToPowerArmor" , thus the NPC will instantly wear the power armor without animation. ... More

how to set a function switch on a future time

10/10/2007 · Now - function returns the current date and time according to the setting of your computer's system date and time. Date - function returns the current system date . Time - function returns a Variant of subtype Date indicating the current system time . ... More

how to set up a daycare

How to Set Up A Daycare Room Excerpt: How To Set Up A Daycare Room Also Beautiful How To P Jump is one of gallery from How to Set Up A Daycare Room and also lebeled with Interior. ... More

how to teach a chicken to play piano

We’re all looking to feel a bit better about our country lately. So this clip of a chicken playing “America the Beautiful” on the piano is everything. ... More

how to watch harry potter on iphone

28/09/2015 Today I show you how to make two customisable Harry Potter phone cases! These were so fun and easy to make :) If you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up and leave a comment below. ... More

how to use hplc instrument

12/09/2017 · Pharmacists and chemists come across many naturally occurring organic mixtures and mixtures of chemical reactions in their work. As such, a High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) system is one of the most essential instruments for any lab. ... More

how to write an essay about my dream

Making My Dream Job My First Job. working at the local Gertens was a “dream job.” Often, while sitting in class, my attention would shift from the teacher to my older classmates as I would constantly overhear them talking about the ludicrous amounts of money they made at the local garden goods store. ... More

how to stop living in the past reddit

Lately, I’ve written quite a few articles in which I express the fact that I enjoy older BMWs more so than new ones. If it seems like I’m living in the past, that’s because, well…I am. ... More

how to toilet train a child with aspergers

Tips on How to Toilet Train Children With Autism. Getting you child to wipe correctly is probably one of the most difficult challenges when potty training. This can be especially difficult in children with sensory issues such as touch. Toilet Training Autism Activities Autism Resources Autistic Children Children With Autism Aspergers Asd Sensory Issues Potty Training Girls. More information ... More

how to use a compass and protractor

Use a protractor to set the fully extended blade at 10 [degrees] off vertical. In a full analysis, Christina uses a ruler and protractor to measure the letters and angles. We are pushed into thinking that illusions must be departures from quite simple-minded physics, as measured with rulers, protractors, and clocks. ... More

how to tell he likes you quiz

Find out right now by taking this simple, accurate quiz on how to know if a guy likes you in school. Good luck, hope it helps! is it possible that your guy doesn't know he likes you? or he could be afraid of a relationship or what other people might think of it. I really don't know. I think mine is scared of a relationship . Pix (19833) 3 days ago . Ok thx Finally someone who isn’t bias ... More

how to write a short crime story

Crime stories The influence of investigative experience in the construction of crime scenarios Madeleine de Gruijter Detectives write short scenarios with little information, which miss the form of a narrative. In addition, detectives more often write an alternative scenario in which the victim committed suicide or died from an accident. This seems an effect from the training in hypotheses ... More

how to ask someone to send you a picture

27/06/2009 · Most polite way to ask for another picture? Posted: 6/26/2009 7:32:57 PM Having had someone I trusted, post photos of me on his own website and make horrible comments about me, and post my personal info.....well I am relunctant to just hand over photos so easily to a stranger. ... More

how to use union in sql server 2012

31/08/2012 · Insert into temp table with Union All in SQL August 31, 2012 by sqlrank If you are trying to insert all records from multiple tables to one temp table, the following codes may help. ... More

how to restart android wear from phone

10/01/2018 · FIXED it by just clean data and cache of the app and uninstall Android wear from Phone, then download the September version of the android wear (one version back) from apk mirror website. Restart phone and watch notifications work again lets see for how long. NO reset no pairing required. Set app in google play not to update this app automatically. everything fine now. ... More

how to write pop punk

Just came across a series of videos from eHow (from 2010) that train viewers on how to dress pop-punk, metal and indie. Watch them below and let us know if you fit the stereotype. ... More

how to take a screenshot to clipboard on windows

Using this simple keystroke, you can take a screenshot without any additional software. Its free and built into Microsoft Windows! Two methods exist for placing a copy of the current screen into the clipboard: The Print Scrn key takes a screenshot and places it into the clipboard. Pressing the combination of ... More

how to set world spawn point

There are no built-in tools or commands to move the spawn point. However, without necessarily using mods like Bukkit, you can still use external tools to modify the level.dat file to change the spawn point. ... More

how to serve fresh oysters

19/06/2018 To cook oysters by steaming them, clean the outside of the shells and discard any oysters with open or cracked shells. Pour 2 inches of water into a pot and add a half of a glass of beer or wine for flavor. Place on a metal tray or colander inside of the larger pot, then bring the steaming liquid to a boil and cover the pot with a lid. Steam the oysters ... More

how to use aloe vera plant for skin at home

Making your own Aloe Vera juice at home is a simple skill you can easily acquire to ensure that consumption of Aloe Vera juice becomes a daily habit. Advertisements Although there are more than 300 species of Aloe only 4 or 5 have healing properties. ... More

how to tell if a pair of lines are perpendicular

100. Write the equation of a line that is perpendicular to the given line and that passes through the given point. Assume that the two lines are perpendicular. ... More

how to use telegram messenger

GPO Telegram messenger motorbike In many English-speaking countries a telegram messenger , more often known as a telegram delivery boy , telegraph boy or telegram boy was a young male employed to deliver telegrams , usually on bicycle . ... More

how to use enchanted books in minecraft xbox one

Listen or download How To Find A Stronghold In Minecraft Xbox 360 Xbox One music song for free. Please buy How To Find A Stronghold In Minecraft Xbox 360 Xbox One album music original if you like the song you choose from the list. ... More

how to see my facebook password while logged in android

For changing your Facebook account password in PC or laptop, visit this article and for Android users, this article will help to change password. After changing your password, don’t forget to check the term “Log me out of other devices” as shown in following picture. ... More

how to fresh install win 7

Hello everyone. I've been a victim of a malicious virus and all of my data got encrypted. I want to clean install my windows 7 and start from scratch but I also want to save a copy of all the ... More

how to wear nude makeup

It's everyone from the runways to the red carpet - it's the nude make up look that's the height of fashion right now. It's a subtle look that's perfect for letting the natural glow of your face shine through. ... More

how to turn on keep inventory in realms 1.12.2

Minecraft 1.12.2 Servers. Find the best servers 1.12.2 on our top list and play for free. Promote your own Minecraft server on the topsite to get more players. ... More

how to set partition as gpt

Convert an MBR disk into a GPT disk. 06/19/2018; 2 minutes to read Contributors. In this article. You can change a disk from MBR to GPT partition style as long as the disk contains no partitions or volumes. You cannot use the GPT partition style on removable media. Note. Before you convert a disk, backup any data on it and close any programs that are accessing the disk. Note. You must be a ... More

how to use greyhound voucher

Greyhound travels to 3,800 destinations in the US, Canada and Mexico, making it the largest national bus operator on the continent. The huge fleet of buses was recently refurbished to add more legroom, new seats, WiFi access and cleaner, low emission engines. Consider taking the scenic route on your next vacation to enjoy the countryside with wallet-friendly fares and Greyhound coupons to boot ... More

how to see network traffic

20/12/2014 · Sniffing network traffic involves the process of intercepting network packets, analyzing it, and then decoding the traffic (if necessary) displaying the information contained within the packet. Sniffing traffic is particularly useful in gathering information from a target, because depending on the websites visited, you will be able to see the URLs visited, usernames, passwords, and other ... More

how to use tarte brushes

Although Tarte Cosmetics products are available at Sephora in Australia, the Shape Tape concealers have been an online exclusive to the Tarte Cosmetics website. ... More

how to write an effective thesis

The How to write an effective thesis According to kneebone r. s evaluating clinical simulation laboratory have a place at the academy. While services for emotional and social functioning. ... More

how to use time paymentsformula

In today’s C programming language tutorial we take a look at how to use time and date from C programs. To make use of time and date function you need to include the time.h header file from the standard C library. This header file contains functions and macros that provide standardized access to time and date. It also contains functions to manipulate and format the time and date output. The ... More

how to set up surcharge paypal fees in xero

Direct Debit from a Bank Account (Savings or Cheque) Surcharge: No fee. The most convenient way to pay. Set up Direct Debit from your Bank Account for hassle-free payments. ... More

how to stop chrome using so much memory

For Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + w. For Mac, use the keyboard shortcut ⌘ + w. Step 3: Turn off or stop unwanted processes . Turn off or delete unwanted extensions. Extensions are small programs you can add to Chrome on your computer that let you do more. If you're not using all your extensions, you can turn them off to speed up Chrome. On your computer ... More

how to solve probability math problems

In this lesson, you will learn how to solve a probability word problem. Need help with your algebra and geometry? Well... P(event)= Number of favorable outcomes / Total number of outcomes ... More

yokai watch 2 how to beat kat kraydel

I beat Kat Kraydel with this time in this order : (Front) Goldenyan, Swosh, Shogunyan, (Back) Toadal Dude, Cruncha, Castelius Max (Note - the three yokai in the back were used as stalling fodder.) ... More

how to turn off microsoft net framework unhandled exception window

12/04/2018 · This issue occurs because the SQL Server 2005 installation process calls the Visual Studio installation process. The Visual Studio installation process changes the default application debugger to the Visual Studio JIT debugger. ... More

how to set up a food plot for deer

A better morning tactic is to set up back in the woods along a travel route. This way, you can sneak in while the deer are still feeding in the plot and intercept them as they leave the plot ... More

how to stop my menstruation

Menstruation is a regular part of every woman’s life and sometimes you may want to know how to stop your period early. Many women suffer from heavy blood flow and painful cramps during their period. ... More

how to remove apple mobile device support

A device wipe can be performed (from the Office 365 admin center), for example, to remove all data from the device if the password is entered incorrectly too many times or if usage terms are broken. Supported devices ... More

how to write a cover letter for signing by jp

View a real cover letter for the JP Morgan Internship position, Summer Analyst. Access our database of cover letters for internships and recent grad positions. Access our database of cover letters for internships and recent grad positions. ... More

how to use tumi garment sleeve

Buy Tumi Alpha 2 4-Wheeled Extended Trip Garment Bag at Luggage Pros. Shop our selection of Tumi in many colors, sizes and styles. ... More

how to sell a product interview australia

I'd also find out more about themselves (what skin type, preferences etc) and reccommend them a product that suits most of their needs. I'd then link the benefits of the product to their particular issues (e.g if someone had dry skin i'd emphasise the moisturising and hydrating properties of a product.) ... More

how to make a scratched disk work xbox 360

25/05/2012 · How about you swing by your local video game/movie rental place and give them 1-2$ to buff the disk and make it like new. The new machines don't even leave swirls marks. ... More

how to stop mould in cupboards

Mold in kitchen cabinets can be troublesome—your dishes, glassware, pots and even boxed food are now exposed to the fungi. The mold remediation specialists at ServiceMaster Restore® offer some of the best ways to clean mold in cabinets, including under the kitchen sink. ... More

how to sell used college books co-op

Buy Second Hand Textbooks Sell used textbooks. Buying used UNE text books is easy and smooth for all of our customers What is my unit code? Include second hand books in search? How to Buy Second Hand UNE Textbooks. Choose Search and then Second Hand link from the navigation menu at the top of the screen. For best results, type in the ISBN (bar code) of the text you need. You can also ... More

how to stop your dog from licking you

Now, these products will keep the dog off the sore, but once off, they generally quickly find that the licking still feels good so - lick, lick, lick can happen quite quickly. Use of the StopLik here helps break the learned cycle of licking and keeps any other dogs in the household from assisting! ... More

how to use chrome themes

Vivaldi Browser adds support for Google Chrome Extensions, gets a Dark Theme and more by Ashwin July 16, 2015 Vivaldi Browser has been updated to Technical Preview 4, and the latest version adds support for Google Chrome Extensions. ... More

how to take care of a spray tan

With the increasing awareness of the dangers of sun-beds and sun-bathing, spray tans are now in high demand. So, follow the points below, and you will be well on your way to having a safe and sun-free golden natural-looking tan. ... More

how to use the tilde key

It's useful to use it in a range of values instead of a hyphen, as in 1941 ~ 1998. Winter season is Dec. ... More

how to use illustions wow

1/08/2011 · Blizzard Entertainment uses cookies and similar technologies on its websites. By continuing your browsing after being presented with the cookie information you consent to such use. ... More

how to know what shade of concealer to use

To determine the right shade, consider this, the right foundation shade will disappear into your skin and project a natural look. When it comes to concealers you want to go 1–2 shades lighter than your skin tone, reason being it neutralizes your dark skin areas. ... More

gas tape how to use

Place the completed nose piece on the front of the gas mask over the mouth/nose hole. and sticky tape in place. It looks neater to have the sticky tape on the back of the mask. It looks neater to have the sticky tape on the back of the mask. ... More

how to start a new language

Under "Windows display language," make sure the new language is selected. Under "Country or region," select your location if it doesn't match with your current region. On the right pane, click the ... More

how to tell when bud is ready

As flower calyxes, or buds, mature, these pistils typically darken to a red-orange color and curl into the bud. If the majority of a cola, or plant’s flowers, have an overall appearance of white pistils, you know your buds still have some maturing to do before they ready to harvest. ... More

how to set up a bar in a restaurant

Patios tend to be set up on concrete or other hard surfaces, and there is an increased chance that tableware may fall and chip or break. Melamine is a composite material that is known for its durability and is an inexpensive way to protect your investment. ... More

how to set time on panasonic cordless phone

The Panasonic KX-TGE445B is a cordless phone and answering machine system with five included handsets. It has all the features and programmable settings we found useful in a cordless phone, along with a few extras such as talking caller ID and a dedicated call block button on the handset. ... More

how to talk about my family

27/10/2013 · Who is she? (min hayya) - من هيّ؟ My sister is Meera ( ukhti Meera) - أختي ميرة Who is he? (min huwwa) - من هو؟ A book has been written to go with the videos. ... More

how to use plugins in pro tools

How to Install VST Plugins in Pro Tools Install VST Plugins in Pro Tools A commonly cited problem with Pro Tools, an audio creation and production software, is that it … ... More

how to tell you re a douchebag movie

The Truth About Charlie is a 2002 remake of the 1963 film Charade (which starred Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn). It is also an homage to Francois Truffauts Shoot the Piano Player and that films star Charles Aznavour appeared as himself and sang his song Quand tu maimes (English version). ... More

how to train your dragon remix

Test Drive (Rink's Firedrive Remix) - How To Train Your Dragon Music Remix - Coub - GIFs with sound by xXx_dAnK_mEm3_xX ... More

how to use discord at school

You will need to verify your email address before continuing. This is done in the usual way. You’ll get an email. Click the link to verify your address. ... More

how to write a expository essay introduction

10/09/2018 · The expository essay explains the essence of a problem or phenomenon, by analyzing an idea or an aspect, comparing and contrasting two events, processes or ideas, and investigating the causes of a particular one. The typical expository essay will contain: ... More

how to use points plus pay qantas

You can use your Qantas Points to book any available seat on a Qantas flight with a QF flight number or Jetstar flight with a JQ flight number for yourself or any eligible family member. Points Plus Pay Flights provides choice and flexibility, so you can choose the flight that suits your preferred travel times. And youll earn Qantas Points and Status Credits on eligible flights.^ FIND ... More

how to use an apostrophe examples

Apostrophe Examples – Difference Between Personification and Apostrophe And no, this is not the symbol that is placed on top before the “s” indicating possession. This type of apostrophe is a figure of speech and it is an exclamatory figure of speech. ... More

how to stop sugar cravings after exercise

Shortly after, glucose levels plummet and crash causing low blood sugar, which triggers intense and increased cravings for more sugar so glucose levels rise back up. This vicious cycle continues. This vicious cycle continues. ... More

how to use movie clips to make a video

2/05/2013 The basic way to do this is use photoshop or similar software that will let you work with layers. If you use Premiere or After Effects (better) you take the sections 'cut' out from portions of the photo stacked on top of each other in layers to make the image move. ... More

how to stop email spam incredimail

While easy and fun to use, IncrediMail lacks many of the features power business users need, such as encrypted emails, conversation views and phishing filters. ... More

how to use text as a clipping mask in photoshop

1. Create the object you want to use. This could be text, a shape, multiple shapes or a mockup image. 2. Add your image file to the canvas. This could be a pattern, photograph or another image. ... More

digimon master online how to use skill points

The whole point of having a bigger size digimon is for the sake of better stats. The bigger the size=the better stats. 4/5 digimon can go up to 125% naturally so if you don't have the patience and the resources, 5/5 isn't worth it. Perfect clone gives max stat increases, while normal is a random increase. I haven't paid much attention to the joggress' skill level, it's actually been a while ... More

how to start singing niravel

7/04/2014 The Start Menu was removed from Windows and replaced by Start. The default behavior in Windows 8.0 is that users always boot to Start. There was no Microsoft supported method of controlling the boot to Start behavior in Windows 8.0. ... More

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how to stop chasing the enemy in tiberium sun

Tiberian Sun will look immediately familiar to Command & Conquer players, although a closer inspection reveals that the game's terrain graphics are far more sophisticated than they used to be

how to show notes on powerpoint

In a previous post, I reflected on the importance of teaching effective public speaking strategies. In preparation for presenting a slide show project, we need to coach students with guidelines and tips on how to give a presentation that will engage the audience.

how to send distribution list in outlook

At this point, I am not sure if they will receive multiple email if you send them an email. A single distribution list consist of email addresses added but you have saved duplicate email messages on a single distributions, then the answer is Yes, they will receive multiple copies.

how to stop your head from itching

Breaking The Itch/Scratch Cycle: You don't have to scratch when you sweat. Just relax, sit quietly until you stop sweating, and you'll be fine." With my relaxing and soothing self-talk, not only didn't I itch, but the redness, welts, and hives that often accompanied sweating no longer appeared. I learned to ignore the itch and my ravaged skin, leaving it to heal in peace. After years of

how to write a good thesis for an essay

ThesisPanda Writing Blog. home > Blog > How-To > Thesis statement for an informative essay. Thesis statement for an informative essay . Posted on 30th March 2017 10th August 2017 by Eric Gilbert. An informative essay thesis is a vital component of your informative paper. The reason is that informative essays are supposed to supply your readers with information that is filtered down to

how to stop a male dog from mounting

1/01/2019 When you are trying to get a male dog to mate you need to get it near a female dog that is in the right stage of its reproductive cycle. The female dog will give off pheromones that lure the male dog towards it and initiate the breeding process.

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