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how to start a rose cutting in a potato

Propagate with a potato and you will have more success! With a screwdriver or a clean nail, make a hole in a potato, stick the rose cutting and place the potato into the moist soil. After a few days, new rose bushes will start to grow! ... More

windows 10 how to show hidden files

To reveal those hidden files by using File Explorer, click on the Start menu and select File Explorer. Expand the menu bar by clicking on the arrow pointing up in the upper-right corner.Click on the View tab; it should be the fourth tab to the right. ... More

how to take down an interior wall

"What can go wrong?" you ask yourself. "It's just an internal wall. I can knock it down myself." A lot can go wrong, as many DIY renovators have discovered the hard way. Internal walls are often structural load-bearing walls. They carry the whole weight of your home. All external walls are load bearing. A builder may charge $1350 per square metre to remove a wall in a timber frame home, and ... More

how to create a lift study crane

KranXpert Free-Edition 2010 is a free available crane job planning software with different views like the full kranXpert version. It is really easy to learn und extremeley fast in usage. It is really easy to learn und extremeley fast in usage. ... More

how to use nail polish stamping plates

In simple terms: You have a metal image plate with the designs you want, you put nail polish onto this plate so that we transfer the designs to the polish, then you transfer the designs made on the polish to the stamper and finally you use the stamper to apply the designs on your nails. ... More

how to potty train a stubborn husky

How to avoid 'accidents' while potty training your Siberian Husky. Ways to involve your whole family in training your Siberian Husky. How to teach your Husky to … ... More

how to start a singing career at 15

Britney Jean Spears (born December 2, 1981) is an American singer, songwriter, dancer, and actress. Born in McComb, Mississippi and raised in Kentwood, Louisiana, she appeared in stage productions and television series, before signing with Jive Records … ... More

how to play don t stop believing on piano notes

Journey: Don't Stop Believin' for clarinet solo sheet music. High Quality and Interactive, transposable in any key, play along and easy practice by changing the tempo, and more. Includes an High Quality PDF file to download instantly. ... More

how to use powder highlighter on face

25/08/2016 · Available at Nordstrom, this highlighter could work really well for oily skin types looking for a forgiving highlight powder. Anyone who is fragrance averse may want to avoid them, but personally I adore the light violet scent. ... More

how to tell if a wine glass is crystal

2/11/2011 · i want to buy my mum either a set of good glasses or one really good one. and i have no idea how to tell a good one for a bad one. any tips are welcomed. ... More

how to write maryam in hindi

10/04/2014 · Thank you, jee!....So, there indeed is a 3-syllable pronunciation, though the middle vowel here is -i- rather than -a- that I am familiar with. waise, it would be great if some poetic quotation could be found, where the metre might make it clear that it needs a 3-syllable pronunciation. ... More

how to use keyhole router bit

24/02/2012 · The question is if anytone has made a T-Track in wood with their router and a keyhole router bit, and if so, how did it work out. Chris Curl is offline Quote Quick Reply. post #5 of 31 Old 02-24-2012, 03:04 AM. gav. Registered User . Join Date: Oct 2009 ... More

how to present a show

This confidence will show to an audience, and will make it much easier for you to deliver presentations without experiencing significant stress. Here are nine tips on how to present well that you can incorporate into your general presentation style: ... More

how to use a curling wand on a bob

Small Curling Wand For Short Hair. A few tips for using a curling iron with short hair: Keep the heat on… ... More

how to write taiwan in chinese characters

13/04/2012 · Learn Basic Greetings in Mandarin Chinese: Hello, How Are You, Thank you ????? LearnChineseWithEmma - Duration: 3:27. learnchinesewithemma 3,033,058 views 3:27 ... More

how to teach converting fractions to decimals ks2

Converting fractions, decimals and percentages The connection between fractions, x decimals and percentages and how to convert between them are explored through a 'Decimal Dance Off'. ... More

how to start the broken shore questline

1/01/2018 · Blizzard Entertainment uses cookies and similar technologies on its websites. By continuing your browsing after being presented with the cookie information you consent to such use. ... More

how to train your dragon test drive piano tutorial

submit tutorial; submit riff lesson home home > Jonsi. Where No One Goes- How To Train Your Dragon 2 Chords Jonsi. Difficulty: Advanced. by gabriel4420. chords ukulele cavaco keyboard tab bass drums harmonics flute Guitar Pro. there isn't a video lesson for this song. Full key step up. Half key step up . Half key step down. Full key step down ... More

how to use baofeng uv 5r

How can I avoid accidentally transmitting with a Baofeng UV-5R? Ask Question 17. 2. I don't have $500 for a radio scanner. If I know the few (analog) frequencies that I would like to listen to, I think one can use the Baofeng UV5R (which doesn't cost much). The only problem is that one accidentally can transmit with this and this isn't allowed unless one has a license. From watching some ... More

how to start a home health aide agency

A typical home care or home health service company employs one full time sales person to call on doctor offices, assisted living facilities, independent living facilities, elder law attorneys, insurance companies, medicare agencies, and other similar companies. Pay for a full time sales person is 50% base + 50% commission. Total wages can be in the $60,000 per year range. ... More

how to turn off god mose in portal 2

The Games on Demand version supports English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish, Potuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese.The highly anticipated sequel to 2007's Game of the Year, Portal 2 is a hilariously mind-bending adventure that challenges you to use wits over weaponry in a funhouse of diabolical science. ... More

how to see credit card stored on ebay

Delete credit card information from Windows Store/Microsoft account in Windows 10. In this guide, we will see how to remove credit card number and other information from Windows 10 Store. ... More

how to train your dragon soundtrack forbidden friendship

Listen or download Forbidden Friendship How To Train Your Dragon music song for free. Please buy Forbidden Friendship How To Train Your Dragon album ... More

how to stop cramps in fingers

Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Kass on why do i keep getting cramp in my fingers and toes: Cramps in the finger and the toes usually due to muscle problem or nerve problem or combination of both and sometime due to circulation problems., it happen in people have diabetes, or other disease . I would recommend to check it out by tour doctor. Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr ... More

how to use net snmp

Configuring net-snmp A handy utility comes with net-snmp tools that facilitate the creation of new configuration files, usually in /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf Just run this program and follow the prompts. This application will prompt for various SNMP and system information. ... More

how to stop rats eating your vegetables

If the rats are inside your home, it can be a struggle to get rid of them only using a predator since rats are good at hiding and sneaking around, but they can still get caught, and if they are outside, predators are definitely the way to go. ... More

how to turn on number lock dell

Hi nezz282, This laptop, Inspiron 5520/15R, is not shipped with the keyboard which has a Numeric Keypad, so there is no “Num Lock” button on the keyboard. ... More

how to write a fitness journal

Fitness reports are the US Navy’s way of keeping track of and considering how an officer fits in his or her position or rank. Also called “Fitreps,” these reports are one of the most important documents an officer will ever write or receive, and getting the point across to a review board should be your top priority as a superior officer ... More

how to understand entity relationship diagrams

4) Entity diagrams as tools for understanding and action The boxes, circles and other shapes, lines, text and colors that make up a diagram aren’t there first and foremost because they’re pretty or aesthetic. ... More

how to take nail picture neiru

Push the button halfway to give your camera a chance to focus on your nails, and then finish pushing it all the way down to take the picture. Here's an article to read … ... More

thermomix how to use knead

Turn the KitchenAid stand mixer back to the Speed 2 setting and knead the bread dough until it begins to form a ball and adheres to the bread-dough hook. Once this occurs, continue to mix the dough at Speed 2 for an additional two minutes. ... More

dove clinical protection how to use

For best results apply dove men+care clinical protection to underarms before going to bed. While resting, the dove men+care clinical solid formula acclimates the body, forming a deep level of protection. ... More

how to win at omaha high low poker

Fixed Limit Omaha Hi-Lo is an exciting poker variant that enjoys a great deal of popularity among poker players all over the world. If Omaha players use the following tips and strategies, they can definitely play a winning game of Fixed Limit Omaha Hi-Lo. ... More

how to send resume to hr through email examples

Human Resources Resume This sample resume is for a Human Resources professional with previous job positions as Human Resources Director, Human Resources Manager and HR Analyst. This resume example works well for any high level personnel position. ... More

title search qld how to purchase

Title: Sample of a current title search Author: Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines Subject: Sample of a current title search. Keywords ... More

how to use gypsum clay breaker

And then I've prepared this solution of the liquid clay breaker which we use to water in the gypsum, putting plenty of water in the hole for the plant that I'm going to put in there. I always like ... More

how to stop fleas from biting my ankles

6 Ways to Prevent Sand Flea Bites. Prevention is the best way to avoid these fleas. A few of the preventative measures you can take are: Don’t Go to the Beach After Rain: The rain will cool down the air and will cause the fleas to be very aggressive. And since most people don’t go to the beach at this time, it’s less of a concern. Avoid Early or Late Hours: Don’t go to the beach before ... More

how to turn down the sound of spotify music

After that, it starts to record the music from Spotify as soon as the music begins playing. During the whole process, you should make sure that there is no other sound on your computer and that the network is connected steadily. Or there will be some background noise in the music recorded. And as I have told you, all the music you record will be stored as a complete audio file, in the format ... More

how to show grade on moodle

In versions of Moodle prior to 2.8, if you graded an item and then changed the Max Points, for the item, the existing point grade would now be used along with the new max points to compute all downstream grades. ... More

how to show sent items in outlook 2013

Note If you're running Outlook 2013 or a later version, you don't have to install any hotfix. Click Start, click Run, type regedit, Method 2: Configure the mailbox to save a copy of the message to the Sent Items folder of the shared mailbox in Exchange Online or in on-premises Exchange Server Exchange Online in Office 365 or Exchange Server 2013 Cumulative Update 9 or later update ... More

funny teach me how to fight

8/09/2008 · Just know your situation; if it is a school fight or fight with friends you most likely do not want to seriously harm the other person, but if you are being kidnapped, robbed, etc then you don't really care about the other person. ... More

how to use crest whitestrips supreme

Crest Whitestrips Supreme Professional Whitening Strips. These are easy to use, effective, and you never need to use more than one or two for several months at a time. ... More

how to use odorless acrylic

Scanning all available deals for Odorless Acrylic Monomer shows that the average price across all deals is $114.20. The lowest price is $15.99 from Wayfair while the highest price is $399.99 from Wayfair. ... More

how to write on photos android

13/12/2012 · Kingsoft Office for Android allows you to insert pictures into your word document on Android phone/tablet. Follow these steps to insert pictures from either your photo gallery or the camera of your Android device. ... More

how to use rosemary essential oil

Even when you are using rosemary essential oil, dilute it in any shampoo or conditioner or carrier oil of your choice while using. That is how it is used unlike conventional oils that we impetuously slather on our hair or skin (eg- Olive, almond, coconut , sesame, mustard, etc.) Essential oils … ... More

how to use smith machine at planet fitness

iswimmla.org-Bench Smith Machine This video describes how do use the smith machine at planet fitness for the bench press. 1. Smith Machine Bench Press ... More

how to start a career in property management

18/12/2013 · In terms of education there aren’t many ways of ‘qualifying’ to specifically become a property manager but there are ways to improve your chances of getting a job at a good company and making that job easier. ... More

how to see activity graphs google

Google’s default recommendation is an hour of activity for each day, but you can personalize it in the settings panel. The interface is very simple and easy to read. There’s a round circular ... More

how to stop condensation on double glazed windows

The best way to prevent it happening is to use double glazing in conjunction with heating and controlled ventilation. 8 Simple Ways to prevent condensation in your home this winter. There are however some very simple and good practices to help you maintain a good water moisture balance in your home reducing the possibility of condensation happening. ... More

how to write a sincere apology letter to my girlfriend

Apology Love Letter for your Girlfriend by David Miller · Published November 6, 2017 · Updated May 8, 2018 We all make mistakes from time to time; it’s literally … ... More

how to change default search engine in firefox

I did similar threads on this issue, I modified browser.search.defaultenginename and browser.search.defaulturl to Google, it still comes back with Yahoo. I am stuck, not sure how to change … ... More

how to make chigger bites stop itching

I have chigger bites all over my ankles I have tried everything. I came on here to see what I can use. I will write back more later to tell you what works the best. I came on here to see what I can use. ... More

dark souls 2 how to use estus flask in invasion

Whenever you collect souls in Dark Souls 2, you can return them to the Emerald Herald to level your character. You can purchase points and build your character however you like. She’s just away from the bonfire, peering over the cliffside. Once you have your Estus Flask, you can start to take a look around. ... More

how to natively use iphone with google photos

Apple’s iPhone and iPad now take photos in the HEIF image format, and these photos have the .HEIC file extension. Windows doesn’t natively support HEIC files, but there’s a way to view them anyway—or convert them to standard JPEGs . ... More

how to tell if watch crystal is sapphire

Even though some think a domed crystal is more likely to get scratched, one made of sapphire will resist most scratches. Your preference will probably depend on what you plan on doing with your watch. ... More

how to set a stuhrling watch

Stuhrling watches are not just mere tools that tell time, but works of art that took form in the hands of skilled watchmakers inspired and following the rules set by Max Stuhrling, the original founder of the brand now run by his fourth generation descendant. ... More

how to watch fx live online

Watch Fox News Live Stream Online. The FNC is from its beginning headquartered in Rockefeller Center in New York City. LiveNewsON is Providing Fox News Live Stream in HD Quality.It may take a while to load the channel programming, so please be patient. More about FNC. Fox News Channel was established by the Australian American media tycoon Rupert Murdoch who traded the NBC executive … ... More

how to teach the books of the bible

Teaching From Living Books; Literature Unit Studies; Living Literature; Blog; Teaching Kids the Bible At Home. Search this website. Teaching Kids the Bible At Home . Teach your kids the bible at home. Start Early-Teaching the Characters of the Bible. We started with a children’s bible from when they could sit on our lap. Every night we read a small story from that Bible to our children. The ... More

how to claim travel costs

Recent legislative changes should be considered when determining allowable travel expenses. Can trustees claim a tax deduction for their air fare to the Gold Coast for their holiday because their SMSF just so happens to have an investment unit up there? ... More

how to tell if a 3yr old has a uti

My son has a UTI. Dh took him to the dr at 830 PM and was given a script to treat thrush and was given a cup to wee in and a pathology form to test for uti. ... More

how to use duplex 340

Duplex will also only call a restaurant if it doesn’t already use a reservation service, like OpenTable or Resy. The service also doesn’t appear to be able (yet) to prepare a transcript of the ... More

how to say i don t understand in italian

Need to translate "I don't understand" to Italian? Here are 2 ways to say it. ... More

how to use electro wizard

The Electro Wizard itself is the first legendary challenge Supercell has ever made. You can win the Electro Wizard as the grand prize once you are able to win 12 battles includes the other prizes like 22.000 golds and thousand cards as the top prize of the challenge. ... More

how to stop a car pinging

How to fix a car's clunks, rattles & suspension noise . Thank you for choosing to help - it means a lot. Every little really does help keep things going, so we really appreciate it, Please choose the currency and then click the button, which will open up a new window to confirm your donation. Tweet. It is only your donations that keep this website going. If we've helped you, please pay the ... More

how to say thank you in maori language

When you visit New Zealand you will immediately become aware of the Maori language, as the vast majority of place names are indigenous. At first you may be puzzled by the seemingly impossible-to-pronounce names. In fact, Maori has a logical structure and, unlike English, has very consistent rules of … ... More

how to pronounce omega watch

The TimeZone Omega Forum Links page is a place to navigate the vast amount of information that is available on TimeZone that is of interest to owners, collectors or prospective purchaser's of Omega watches. ... More

how to tell if a pokemon card is real

Here is what it exactly says on the card: The writing on the top left says: MewThe thing on the top right that looks like HC means HP and the triangle next to it means 30, … so it has 300HP. ... More

how to use action replay max

Action Replay MAX is the most powerful PS2 game enhancer ever made. It’s packed with cheats and enhancements for your favorite games, lets you play import DVDs on your local PS2, and can be updated over the internet or by typing in new codes. ... More

how to take beer bath

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC—All my life, I’ve wanted to soak in a beer bath while drinking beer. It’s one of those fantasies that most men secretly carry around their heads, but few ever realize. ... More

how to take 3d photos

The downside of creating 3D objects in Paint 3D app is that space is limited and if the object extends horizontally or vertically much, the image of the object gets distorted. So, expect a lot of ... More

how to use accents on my keyboard

I would like to know how can make accent marks on my surface keyboard. I want to know if there's a shortcut or something, because i tried Alt+ (desired accent mark #) and does not make anything. I want to know if there's a shortcut or something, because i tried Alt+ (desired accent … ... More

how to use roll20.net

Course Overview. Roll20 is an easy-to-use system agnostic virtual tabletop. It's flexible to handle most Tabletop RPGs as well as simulate popular board and card games. ... More

how to use a western commode

2/02/2006 · After you use the restroom, hold a piece of toilet paper in your hand and use that to flush the toilet so you don’t get germs on your hand. Wash your hands with … ... More

how to send money via payid combank

finance; Australians must establish new PayID on the New Payments Platform to speed up transactions. SPEED up your banking and transfer money using an email, phone number or ABN. ... More

how to use gossen sixtino light meter

5/02/2012 · this is a color temperature meter, not a light meter. How to use it is explained in the article. What it does is figure out what filters you need to get your FILM exposed correctly under the existing lights. A digital camera has white balance built in - you set daylight, tungsten, flourescent, cloudy, whatever in your camera and tweak in Bridge or any other post processing program. ... More

how to tell if your guitar needs new frets

But if you can’t remember the last time you changed your strings, and the tone of your instrument has grown dull, it’s probably time to break down and invest in a new set. You’ll find a huge selection of strings at Musician’s Friend for electric guitars , acoustic guitars , and bass guitars. ... More

how to stop getting wired at night

Seeing your physician or getting a referral to a sleep specialist can help you to determine if your insomnia has an underlying physical or psychological cause like sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, depression, or some other health condition. ... More

how to tell if canned crab meat is bad

Crab as food. Crab meat is favored during summer because it is a light meat, low in calories, but high in protein, with an excellent nutritional value and a pleasant taste, without pregnant fish flavors. ... More

how to search keywords on a website mac

Tips: If you are connected to the Internet, in the navigation pane, you can click ONLINE TEMPLATES to access additional templates on the Web. To quickly find all templates that are available through Microsoft Office Online or on your computer, in the search box , type a keyword … ... More

how to turn a whole number into a fraction

How to convert a fraction to mixed numbers The fraction is first reduced to its lowest terms (see simplify fractions for more information). If the fraction's numerator is greater than the denominator (an improper fraction), then the whole portion is obtained by dividing the numerator by the denominator. ... More

how to do advanced search on google

How To Do An Advanced Search On Google Decide what topic you would like to research. Then type in the topic into the google search bar. Complete!! Congratulations! Now you can adjust your search whenever you need to fit the search to meet certain standards. Enjoy!! :D Then press ... More

how to set up network connection on a blackberry

The BlackBerry Torch features Wi-Fi, so you can surf the internet without using your inclusive data. We show you how to set up a new Wi-Fi connection on your BlackBerry … ... More

how to set up external hard drive without safely remove

It is an external hard drive with a large capacity designed to quickly and easily store and transfer media files such as digital photos, music, video, and other important files. ... More

how to stop mass shootings

History of Mass Shootings. Let’s just make it clear that mass shootings are not a modern phenomenon. One of the earliest known mass school shootings in America is on July 26, 1764, where 10 ... More

how to send money to skrill account

Skrill is an online payment processor, basically, it used for shopping, trading, betting purposes. If you have a question that how can you fund your Skrill account or withdraw your money from Skrill then I am going to show you here how to do that. ... More

how to stop mail going to spam gmail mobile

31/03/2012 · Explain your issue in full detail here: Some email messages go from my gmail inbox to spam or trash when I have not sent them there. Also, I have no filters in my setttings. ... More

how to use diary on phone

Many of Grid Diary’s features are free to use, we also offer advanced features, including sync between all your devices, passcode lock and more color themes. All this, and future member-only features, can be unlocked with a single in-app subscription that covers all your devices. ... More

how to use ds4 on pc

DS4 could benefit from MotioninJoy creating drivers for it like they did for DS3. For one, it would be nice to be able to emulate an xbox 360 controller easily like the DS3 can, and secondly, they could add function to the touch pad, rumble, light bar, and motion sensor. ... More

how to stop static build up in outdoor furniture

If you have recently bought a microfiber piece of furniture, you may have made a shocking discovery, quite literally. Microfiber has become a popular fabric choice for couches, love seats and chairs, but it is also a great conductor of electricity. ... More

how to take care of a guinea pig for kids

10/02/2014 · As I still technically am a child myself, I know a lot of the pros and cons with children owning Piggies. So, here are a few tips, tricks and ideas on how to help your child learn how to take care of a guinea pig. ... More

how to read write and speak ancient greek

that you should be thinking, and putting together the sounds of the letters, in order to read and say each word. Click on the syllable or the word to hear it. Click on the syllable or the word to hear it. ... More

how to use precursor in a sentence

The Book of Sentences had its precursor in the glosses (an explanation or interpretation of a text, such as, e.g. the Corpus Iuris Civilis or biblical) by the masters who lectured using Saint Jerome's Latin translation of the Bible (the Vulgate). ... More

how to see bed bugs

Bed bugs can lay up to 500 of the eggs every couple of months, so if you do suspect you have bed bugs it is really important to deal with the problem efficiently. Inspect your house for bed bugs or call for a professional inspection. ... More

how to set up password on windows 7

I did a search (in Windows 7) for the files I put in the “Private” folder, with the lock ON, and they came up in the search pane.. I double clicked on the “locked” files and they opened right up. To make sure they were locked, I went to the folder I created, double clicked on the locker.bat folder, and the box popped up, asking for my password. Apparently, the search feature completely ... More

how to save youtube videos so they dont take data

Moms rely on YouTube how-to videos more than the average viewer. Few moms have time to scour a dozen fashion magazines for the latest trends, or test drive a dozen different strollers around the store (while their toddler is crying). ... More

how to turn off double sided printing mac

I've got a new 5855, and I can't turn off the duplex printing. I've got .pdf files and InDesign files coming out 2-sided. I've gone into the web interface as an administrator and set it to 1-sided, I've spoken to tech support on the phone, who walked me through the same process but it won't cease printing double sided. ... More

how to tell if a dns server is working

So you may know if there’s any wrong with your DNS server, you cannot access any website on your browser. No exception that if your DNS server stops responding, you cannot access the websites through the Internet. How do I fix the DNS server not responding error? Here are 3 solutions according to different reasons. You may not have to try them all; just work your way down the list until you ... More

how to wear a ralph lauren polo hat

Ralph Lauren offers luxury and designer men's and women's clothing, kids' clothing, and baby clothes. ... More

how to start eating clean to lose weight

4/06/2017 · Clean eating for beginners! Why it's important and the steps YOU can take to get started cleaning up your diet. Amazing for weight loss, getting healthy and improving your life from the inside out. ... More

how to remove write protected media from sd card

10/07/2018 · Can someone tell me how to remove "write protect" from an SD card in WIndows 10. Most of the info on the net is out of date or doesn't work and I don't want to go into the registry unless I really have to. It seems every disk I use in my Olympus ends up write protected. ... More

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skyrim werewolf how to stop being

Being a werewolf is the remedy to all diseases that the player acquires as a Vampire. As he will be no longer a Vampire, all the illness that is associated with a vampire will vanish. Besides, he can enjoy a good stamina and health boost which results in devastating attacks without any weapons.

how to stop possums on your roof

Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions are experts in providing a professional pest identification of the sounds you are hearing in your roof along with and expert rat, mice or possum …

how to come off income support

Low income earners. You may be eligible for a tax offset if you are a low-income earner and you are an Australian resident for income tax purposes.

how to set date on home screen s4

2/07/2014 · This video show how to settings date and time on Samsung Galaxy S4 or other android 4.4 (Kitkat) device.

how to write a check for 100 dollars

Grammarly's free writing app makes sure everything you type is easy to read, effective, and mistake-free. First of all we should focus on the logic of these two. First one i.e. eleven hundred means 11 multipled by 100. Whereas logic behind one thousand and one hurdred comes from breaking the number

how to take care of tadpoles inside

How do you take care of a tiny frog and little Tadpole???? Okay....so my little 3rd grade brother is really excited. His teacher is going to be giving him the class frog and class Tadpole. However, I know that I'm just going to end up taking care of it, and I barely know anything about frogs and tadpoles. He says the frog has a little bit of a tail still and the Tadpole still looks like a fish

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Nunavut: Clyde River NU, Port Burwell (Killiniq) NU, NU Canada, X0A 5H4

England: Salford ENG, Southampton ENG, St Helens ENG, Southport ENG, Norwich ENG, ENG United Kingdom W1U 2A5

Northern Ireland: Derry (Londonderry) NIR, Craigavon (incl. Lurgan, Portadown) NIR, Craigavon (incl. Lurgan, Portadown) NIR, Derry (Londonderry) NIR, Belfast NIR, NIR United Kingdom BT2 1H5

Scotland: East Kilbride SCO, Edinburgh SCO, Glasgow SCO, Cumbernauld SCO, Dunfermline SCO, SCO United Kingdom EH10 6B4

Wales: Swansea WAL, Wrexham WAL, Swansea WAL, Barry WAL, Wrexham WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 2D3